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Lips Talk

Lips Talk

Many men and women feel concern over the state of their lips. Perhaps they are dark, thin, wrinkled or misshapen. Perhaps they have discolored lips. Or maybe they have wrinkles around the mouth, a gummy smile and a downward pointing mouth.  For every lip concern, at Lumiere Dermatology we have a solution.

Dark Lips

Everyone wants a perfect pink pout, but unfortunatley, in darker skin tones, lips can be naturally discolored or become dark brown over time. This is due to a variety of problems such as dryness, irritation, tanning, smoking, pollution or just simple genetics.

Lip Shape

Another concern is lip shape. Oftentimes we are born with lips that just don’t suit our face. Maybe they are asymmetrical, or too thin, or too downward drooping, whatever the issue is it bothers you. Some of you have lip issues due to aging, smoking, the sun or even the terrible pollution. Its likely that due to those factors your the lips have become thinner and more wrinkled. Some of you may just want a little more definition so you can be able to put on lipstick without it bleeding onto the skin!  In any of these cases, the shape of your pout can add or detract from the beauty of the overall face.

Wrinkles, Gummy Smile, Drooping Smile

Another concern is those wrinkles around the lips, drooping smile or a gummy smile. Your smile is truly the window to the soul. If you look like you are perpetually frowning due to aging, it can become upsetting to anyone!

Luckily at Lumiere Dermatology we have the best treatments for your lips. We have the best laser treatment in India and we also have New York dermatologist Dr. Kiran Lohia, who is recognized as the top dermatologist in India by Elle Magazine. Dr Lohia is known as the best doctor for botox and fillers in India and is renowned for her natural lip filler technique.

Click on the thumbnails below to learn more about the treatments we offer at Lumiere Dermatology for the perfect pout!

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