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At Lumiere Dermatology we have the most advanced treatments for your face, body and hair. As the only American dermatology & aesthetic centre in the country, we are dedicated to delivering New York results here in India.

We are already known as the best laser hair removal centre in Delhi due to our advancements in treating all types of hair, be it fine, light, dark, coarse or resistant and hormonal hairs. We even have specialised highly effective protocols for those with hirsutism, Polycystic Ovarian Disease and those with a condition known as paradoxical hypertrichosis. Our protocols are developed in conjunction with doctors from around the world to ensure the utmost result without side effects. After all, who wants pain or burns? With our American know-how, strict doctor oversight and latest techniques and technologies for hair removal, Lumiere Dermatology truly offers the best in removing that hair without pain. We also tailor each protocol specifically to your skin, depending on your hormonal resistance, sensitivity, previous experience with lasers, distribution of hair and more. After all, everyone is not the same, and we understand that. To truly get results without risks, you must customize hair removal. No one wants to do tons of sessions of laser hair removal. With our methods, we can reduce the number of sessions, and get results fast! We also invest in the absolute best in painless technology including the Soprano ICE, the Soprano Pro and the LightPod Neo. Known as the best doctors for laser hair removal due to our senior oversight, pain-free technology and advanced protocols, Lumiere also delivers painless, comfortable, fast and safe results even for teenagers.

But we don’t just stop there. Our work with pigmentation in India is regarded as ground-breaking, as our combination 360 degree protocols are delivering the kind of results that have never been seen before. Women with freckles are seeing rapid reductions in those pesky spots with our AFT, making us among the best doctors for freckle removal in India. And, patients with Acne are getting their skin cleared faster than ever before with the help of our exclusive Acne Defense and award winning Vita Acne facials combined with a skin healing skin care regimen and the advanced DermaDiet plan. When it comes to the body, we also definitely deliver. With the best treatments for stretch marks, cellulite, fat loss, body contouring, burn and scar removal and more, Lumiere can promise unparalleled results. Now, those of you with hair fall need not worry. We are known as the best in treating hair fall, especially because we are now the first centre in South Asia with PRP combined with the regenerative science of Acell. Popular in LA and New York, Acell in combination with PRP is proving to be miraculous in hair growth and hair rejuvenation. Hair is more manageable, softer and a significant increase in hair growth is seen after 3-4 sessions!

Clearly at Lumiere, we definitely have the solution to your concerns, be it from laser hair removal to under eye circles to hair fall and even fat loss and cellulite! With nearly every treatment available, we have the top options to heal your problems. And, if you just simply need a pick me up or are looking for a pre-bridal glow, then feel free to try a glow facial from our menu of glow and maintenance facials list for an quick rejuvenation that truly lasts. We specialise in bridal beauty and also in giving facials that truly make a difference in the health and condition of your skin, as opposed to salon facials that only make you feel cleaner for a few days.

Click on the drop down above in conditions or treatments to get a glimpse of what we can offer you in your quest for gorgeous skin, body and hair!

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